A rice farmer stands watching to the eruption of Merapi Volcano’s biggest eruption in over 100 years, Muntilan, Java, Indonesia. The final death toll from the volcanic eruption was 353 people. Coming off several years of intense reportage from disaster zones and countries with long simmering civil conflicts, I decided to get away and document […]


Paradita, Dulce Maria (Sweety Mary) 28 years old from the Mexican state of Guerrero, reclines on bed in hotel used by sex workers on Coahuila Street, Zona Norte, Tijuana, Mexico. Paraditas, or “Standing Girls” are sex workers who may legally ply their trade in Zona Norte, less than 500 m from the Mexican / US […]


From “Black Tsunami: Japan 2011” book (FotoEvidence): Cow and her unseen calf housed in a barn right in front of a barrier to the Fukushima nuclear no-entry zone in January 2012, the borderline for the territory too contaminated for human habitation and yet cattle were raised here, and their milk, exposed to the contaminated winds […]


I had never frightened anyone to the point of fleeing me on sight until I had some of the most bizarre series of encounters in the Tanah Towa area in the south of Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1994. I arrived in Bira to photograph “pinisi perahu” ship building (right photo), once employed by Bugis pirates to […]


This 1987 photo was made exactly half a lifetime ago. I was full of dreams/plans, rarely had more than this month’s rent, lived in a beach town in Southern California, and waited on tables at night in an Italian restaurant (got to love the value of a university education!). In my off hours, I’d take […]


[Photo by Bette-Anne Wilson. Caption: 1982 photo John Wilson (seated center), James Whitlow Delano (standing, wearing a Heineken T-shirt), Steve Wilson , John’ son (kneeling to the camera-right, who we lost suddenly about one month ago), while joining Wilson Flooring during summer break. San Diego, California.] My cousin, John Wilson died yesterday, 16 November 2013, […]

Los Angeles Police chopper and the Hollywood sign, California, USA.

I have to admit that, since being hunted by a police helicopter in the Fukushima nuclear no-entry zone about a year ago, I can still feel my body tighten when helicopter passes overhead. I am not quite like Ray Liotta in “Good Fella’s” but it strikes me as odd. (I got away.) This police helicopter […]


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